Simple pricing and affordable by design

When Traveling

You pay:

  • 1 STROLLÿN Night per nightplus sign
  • $X cleaning fee to the hostplus sign
  • $2.5 booking fee per night

When Hosting

You receive:

  • 1 STROLLÿN Night per nightplus sign
  • $X cleaning fee that you charge

Let's take an example…

You receive a match for a co-working buddy with a similar profession, but different industry to co-work with you and explore your city.

You accept the stay, and receive the cleaning fee you require to prepare your apartment.

Your co-working buddy stays at your place for 5 days. You share not only your list of best eats around your neighborhood, but even notes on how to tackle similar work problems.

At the end of the stay, you have a fresher perspective, a fun time, and 5 additional STROLLÿN Nights in your pocket.

You then receive a notification about an awesome co-working stay in a new city, which you've been wanting to explore.

Now you can spend those 5 STROLLÿN Nights, and only pay a cleaning + booking fee.

Then repeat!

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How does next month in Cape Town sound?



Can I book on STROLLÿN with the current COVID-19 situation?

Due to the current pandemic situation, STROLLÿN is operating only in a closed beta format. This means that any hosting or travel bookings are reserved for the closed beta users only in order to ensure that each booking is well monitored and controlled prior to opening to the larger public.

If you are interested in joining the closed beta, you may sign up here.

What do I need in order to host and co-work with someone in my home?

  1. A separate guest room in your home to host your guest
  2. A remote working area where both you and your guest will be able to work from in your home

All STROLLÿN users are remote workers and have a certain standard in their home (e.g., high speed internet connection, work desk, work chair, strong coffee ☕). During the beta onboarding process, you will fill out your profile with your workspace set up, which will be part of the matching process to find you the right co-working buddy.
Is it safe to host or be hosted by a stranger?

During the closed-beta, we check each member that joins individually to ensure safety standards. In addition, with each match, you will have the possibility to see your matchʹs profile and information prior to accepting or booking. This will include both personal and professional information (e.g., their LinkedIn profile, city, interests, etc.).

Additionally, in the future you will be able to "see my connection" with a STROLLÿN user, where we will show you how you are connected with your match through LinkedIn. That way, you will see how you are potentially connected with them, and reach out to a mutual friend if possible; bridging the gap even further.

What if I don’t have enough STROLLÿN nights for a stay?

In order to replenish your STROLLÿN Nights for booking, you simply need to host. You receive an additional STROLLÿN night with each night you host.

However, you may end up needing STROLLÿN nights right away, and not in a few months. In that case, you can borrow a specific number of nights, which we call fair nights, with the promise that you will pay it back by hosting in the future. Think of a mini-loan of nights :). Everyone will have the ability to borrow up to 5 fair nights at a time.

However, during the closed beta process, STROLLÿN Nights will not be required.

Is it really free accommodation?

STROLLÿN is uniquely designed so that you can enjoy almost free travel accommodation equipped for remote working. As opposed to a monetary exchange, it is a community of like-minded remote workers looking for similar things - an alternative way to WFH while travelling and making new connections.

By hosting a co-working buddy, you receive STROLLÿN nights that then can be used to book anywhere else in the world. Through this shared economy approach, we aim to remove the majority of the lodging cost while enjoying a new way of remote work either in your own home or around the world. The only monetary charge is a small booking fee and cleaning fee to the host.

How am I matched with a co-working buddy?

During the beta process, we will work closely with you to understand your co-working preferences, city travel preferences, and hosting preferences. With those three key areas, we then match you with an ideal co-working buddy either to come work with you at your place, or your at theirs.

You will always have the ability to accept or refuse any potential match.

How can I join the closed beta?

The STROLLÿN Closed Beta is looking for early adopters with an online presence, that are both co-working and travel enthusiasts.

Over the next couple of months, we will be matching these Beta members (you!) with an ideal co-working partner (aka. co-working buddy).

The process is simple:

  • Host a co-working buddy at your place
  • Travel to a new city and co-work with your host, with almost free accommodation
If this is something that interests you, Click here to sign up now.
What if I am not comfortable hosting people I do not know?

During the beta process, we will be proposing a co-working partner that matches your criteria (e.g., someone in the same profession, industry, gender, etc.)and sending you their profile as well. You will have the ability to accept or refuse any potential guest.

However, to be part of the closed beta, you must be willing to host, in addition to having the right conditions to host + co-working with someone in your home.

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