Remote working,
but friendlier

Add social interaction and travel to your regular WFH routine

How it works

Be matched with your ideal co-working partner

Transform your solo WFH situation to a co-working mini-Party! Either at your own place or while discovering a new city.

Friends coworking in the city

Pay with STROLLÿN Nights

Instead of paying travel accommodations with money, you pay with STROLLÿN Nights.

How do you get STROLLÿN Nights?
By hosting + co-working, yourself. This way you benefit from low cost, equipped stays; and so does the rest of the community!

Person gaining one STROLLÿN night

Save time on tedious research for your next trip

Instead of spending hours searching for your next destination & stay, we do the research for you. You will receive a notification when the perfect match is available according to your preferences.

Allow yourself to be spontaneous with travel again.

Person gaining a notification on her laptop

Travel more, work the same


  • You know exactly what the workspace situation will be (amazing)
  • Pay with STROLLÿN nights that you regain by hosting in return

So go ahead, travel more!

Person gaining a notification on her laptop

See how STROLLÿN can apply to you

Check out this 1min video 👉

The full STROLLÿN experience is coming soon …
Join the closed-Beta!

Our goal is to build the STROLLÿN experience with a select group of users.

We are looking for:

  • early adopters
  • travel + co-working enthusiasts
  • individuals with an online presence