Free accomodation while you travel, in exchange for your hospitality

With STROLLÿN Nights, share your own city and day-to-day routine while exploring others

The END of expensive housing

On STROLLÿN, you don’t pay for housing with money, but with a currency that we call STROLLÿN Nights.
1 STROLLÿN Night = 1 night anywhere in the world.

Join the Beta, and you will start off with 3 STROLLÿN Nights!

STROLLÿN nights exchange between members

Host and be Hosted community

Earn STROLLÿN Nights that can be used anywhere around the world by simply hosting another community member at your place. Your place is a huge asset, especially since you can comfortably work remotely from there. Benefit from it! Take part of the shared economy approach of this community.

Community of people

Equipped workspaces when you travel

When you book a place with your STROLLÿN Nights, you know exactly what the workspace situation will be.

In fact, that is the most important place of the house for us! No more guessing whether the wifi speed is acceptable, the work chair is comfortable, or if they got that fancy coffee machine. Book fun+work spaces with confidence.

Notifications on your next travel; bye bye time-consuming research! 👋

We want to inspire you, not overwhelm you with too many choices. Hence, we only send notifications of place that best match your travel preferences; even places you never imagined to explore.
Be spontaneous with travel again.

Payment: Virtual nights plus cleaning fees

Booking a place requires both virtual nights (STROLLÿN Nights) and cleaning+booking fees. And that’s it! Travel now finally seems affordable if you remove the huge chunk of lodging cost from your budget. Plus, while you explore somewhere new, you can contribute to someone new exploring your amazing city.

See more on pricing Price breakdown: 1 STROLLÿN Night per night, X€ of cleaning fee set by the host, and 2.5€ of booking fee per night

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