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How is STROLLÿN different from any other travel site? We want to make travel independent from vacation.

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Travel that's not only reserved for vacations

With STROLLÿN, travel does not have to be a synonym of vacation. Thanks to the guarantee of a quality remote workplace, take trips to cities you would never have visited, and discover different cultures as often as you wish.

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Why work from home or the office when you could work from anywhere?

Travel that's local

While traveling, have you ever wondered what life would be like if you lived there? So have we, and that’s why we love traveling like locals.

Become a local traveler by experiencing a day-to-day lifestyle in a new city and connecting with a like-minded STROLLÿN community member. Discover how.

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Travel that doesn't stop with work commitments

Have any of your travel plans ever been delayed or ruined due to work? Let's be real... that’s just the times we live in.

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STROLLÿN guarantees places that are remote-work friendly to our community of remote work enthusiasts. Check out how it works.

Travel that's now affordable

Has this ever happened, you’re pumped up and ready to go visit this awesome new city, and then you get to the payment page and cried? And even worse, you didn’t even go? Travel is amazing but can be costly. This is because you have transportation costs ($$), lodging cost ($$), and food & entertainment cost ($$). These add up.

And out of these, the lodging cost is on average the second highest (1), and can be THE highest depending on the length of the stay.

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Rest assured! STROLLÿN decreases the total cost of travel by removing the majority of the lodging cost through a shared economy approach. Find out how it works!

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(1) According to 2005-2013 travel data in the US, reported by Value Penguin