About Us

Hi! ✌

We are the two co-founders of STROLLÿN. A little about us is that we are both professionals in the tech space and we like traveling; we like skiing, hiking, and sometimes running on the beach. We like learning about new products, communities and tendencies; and we love working remotely while exploring new places and lifestyles around the world. We are also semi-to-very risk averse, but still took a leap of faith with the help of those around us to quit our previous career paths to pursue this radical new idea and create something out of it.

We believe that STROLLÿN is one of those things that will help us all change the way we view work and life, and ultimately helps us lighten our workweeks. We envision the future where people fluidly exchange their work desks, window views and favorite at-home coffee routines. We see people getting up in the morning and spontaneously thinking, "hmmm, why not work from Berlin next week? or Seoul?" We see work not deterring us from exploring and learning, but encouraging it. By reinforcing a strong community coupled with travel and exchange, we see a whole new and exciting way to define work, life, and the balance between.

So we invite you to discover STROLLÿN today, and sign up to be part of our beta group. Thank you for listening and looking forward to creating something great with you!