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What is STROLLÿN?

pronounced like strollin~ (e.g., in the park)

Hello There! 👋

We are happy you are here and still wondering what STROLLÿN is.

To put it simply, it is a fun new way to lighten up your regular workweek through travel and exchange . Our goal is to enable people to work effectively during their working hours but also to see a completely new world once the laptop is down. The workweek shouldn’t impede us from discovery; but be complimentary to it!

We believe simply changing up your day-to-day work day view produces new experiences, moments and lifestyle exchanges that were never explored before.

This is what STROLLÿN aims to do - spontaneous and more frequent travel accessible through a community of remote-desk-friendly professionals, looking for a break from the regular workweek.


why we think you might care

Travel with almost-free, work-friendly housing, while getting value out of your own remote work place.

Increase your moments outside of work, while still meeting your workweek engagements.

Reinvent your work life balance through spontaneous and frequent travels.

Partake in a community of remote working professionals sharing one another’s work places, city and culture.

How does one start STROLLÿN?

how this all works

All sounds great, right? We thought so too! But how does this all work, you may ask...

Just by joining the community, you start off with 3 free STROLLÿN nights that you can use anywhere at any time.
Once a place is available that matches your travel preferences and work place standards ( ”10000mbps wifi speed only!” ), receive a notification where you can apply and be accepted by the host.
Once you know that your place will be available to welcome other community members, let them know. You will be able to screen anyone interested with your specific criteria ( ”only friends, or people who like cats :)” )

Finally, get one STROLLÿN night for each night you host another community member at your place; then repeat!

This will increase your STROLLÿN score on your profile.


how much are we talking?

Our pricing is pretty simple, but also interesting. Every booking involves both monetary currency and virtual currency exchange. Let's look at an example:

When booking a place, you pay:

Let's take an example:

Say you will be taking a 10 day trip with STROLLÿN, and the place you are booking has a 30€ Cleaning Fee set by the host.

After your trip, you will be 10 STROLLÿN Nights less in your account, and your Host will have 10 STROLLÿN Nights more (wonder where they will go next).

But don't worry, you can replenish your STROLLÿN Nights by hosting as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to host someone in my home?

All you need is a home with a great workplace and flexibility from where you can work. As a fellow remote worker, your place is set up in a way where you can comfortably work from there; meaning someone else can probably comfortably work from there as well. And now through STROLLÿN you can share that!

Don't forget to ensure you check your subletting/hosting regulations of your contract. You may need to check with your landlord or leasing officer if you are able to host friends or guests for non-monetary exchanges.

How can I be sure that I can work from someone else’s place?

The STROLLÿN community is based on trust, and the core principle for our community is the treat-your-neighbors-as-you-would-want-them-to-treat-you mentality. In other words, if you yourself need specific working standard in your home office, then your community neighbor probably does too :).

With that said, as part of this community where hosts are also users, we try to instill this principle as much as possible through membership vetting and an open rating system. In addition, community ambassadors are members who are willing to try out new listings that have not yet been vetted so the rest of us can book with confidence.

What if I don’t have enough STROLLÿN nights for my stay?

At STROLLÿN, we believe in the power of a fair community. When someone takes from the community, he/she must give back to it in some way. But everyone loves flexibility. For that reason, we created the concept of fair nights as a way to borrow from the community while promising to give back later. Everyone will have the ability to borrow up to 5 fair nights, and each fair night will be at a debt to the community. But of course you will be able to pay off that debt by hosting yourself. This is because we want to keep the community exchange ecosystem as healthy and self-autonomous as possible.

Lastly, your community profile will also have a STROLLÿN score that is calculated by the number of nights you hosted and the number of nights you’ve been hosted. You’ll want to keep that number high ;)

What is a STROLLÿN Score?

Each community member has a score on their profile that reflects how active you are as a community member. And like any community, our community thrives when you give and take at the same time. This score is computed with the number of nights you host vs. the number of nights you have been hosted.

What if I am not comfortable hosting people I do not know?

Not everyone is open to random strangers in their own home, but what about a friend of a friend? Or maybe that person that used to work in the same company as you before? STROLLÿN uses a combination of social network connections, membership vetting and user profiles and ratings to ensure that you have enough information to either accept or refuse a potential hostee in your home.

Last but not least, we are all just working professionals looking for some high speed internet, good coffee and a place to sleep; a.k.a., harmless.

Is it really free accommodation?

As our goal at STROLLÿN is to enable spontaneous and more frequent travel in order to lighten up the regular workweek, we believe an enticing price point is necessary. Therefore, for the accommodation aspect of your trip to be almost free, you will be able to use your accumulated STROLLÿN night and be hosted by a community member, for free! And once you are out of STROLLÿN night, you can replenish by hosting yourself and making sure you place is hostable to the community standard.

Note that there will still be the usual booking fee, taxes, and cleaning fee with every booking; but we can imagine a trip where the cost to stay in an entirely new destination for one week versus one month is almost the same... now that's a sweet deal.

How can I be sure that the home I am booking will be safe to stay in during the COVID-19 situation?

This is very important because since safety is always first. As part of the booking fees, there will be a cleaning fee that will be paid to the host. It will be up to the host to determine that amount that will ensure that the place is cleaned in a manner that is safe for the guest's stay.

Do I need to offer my entire home?

No. If your place is set up in a way where you can provide another working professional(s) good working and living conditions while still being present in your home, that is perfectly fine. Not every person looks for only entire homes, so your home will be provided as a match in those cases.

What if I cannot host people in my home?

If you like STROLLÿN but still think that it is not a good match right now, or unsure you can participate, let us know why. We might have you already covered or if not, maybe something we can work on together for the future. Contact us with your thoughts and concerns and we'd love to hear from you:

Contact Us


and start discovering a new city, culture and lifestyle as a local remote worker