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  • [ 1 ] Be matched with a co-working buddy to host and co-work at your place
  • [ 2 ] Gain STROLLÿN nights with each stay
  • [ 3 ] Use your nights to travel and co-work from another city for free
People co-working at one's house

Ana gets matched with an amazing co-working buddy, who not only becomes a great friend but a future freelance buddy!

A co-working and travel solution that
keeps your work and wallet happy

Host Benefits

Co-working buddies to share an experience

Share your everyday remote experience with like-minded professionals exploring your city

Matched with your perfect co-working buddy

We match you with an ideal co-working collaborator that are based on your preferences (e.g., occupation, interests)

Utilise your extra room and desk in exchange for free travel accommodation

Earn 1 STROLLÿN night for every night you host, and use it anywhere in the world

Guest Benefits

More frequent and local travel

Discover more cities with a local, while not missing a beat at work or breaking the wallet

No more time-consuming research required

Get notified when the perfect host and city is available based on your preferences

Equipped workspaces with great interactions

No more guessing if the wifi is great, or if that coffee machine makes a real espresso


Explore your next co-working stay away from home

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STROLLÿN's beta group is now closed, but if you are interested for what's next, stay connected!